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Review management

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  • November 7, 2014

Managing the document lifecycle is an important aspect of a document management system. Changes to the project can impact the project documents. When submitting a document through a review and approve process, the ability to create, share, organize and follow comments and markups are essential to the project's productivity.

To efficiently manage reviews cycle, it is crucial to make comments without modifying the document. This approach leads to a collaborative process between all participants.

Participant must be able to:

  • Create comment
  • Write markups directly on the document (CAD, office, etc.)
  • Share comments and markups to automatically warn involved participants
  • Categorize, qualify, answer and follow comments effectivity and versioning
  • Insure markup traceability : who, why, what?

To define a to-do list and be aware of needed updates, all comments and markups are gathered and structured in the repository. Comments added in the current document version are automatically transferred to next versions.

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