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How to organize data and document workflows in engineering projects

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  • November 27, 2014

The main goal for any document in a company is to provide useful information to people involved in a project and to capitalize knowledge for future projects.

Although writing requires time, it is often the simplest step to manage. A document will change regarding participants' notes and comments. The difficulty consists in the information updates.

When documents supply is determined by a contract or when an approval is required, document users will ask for update through versioning.

A good workflow management includes many steps such as:

  • Document writing
  • Reviews and updates
  • Approval
  • Distribution
  • Users comments
  • Updating until client's approval

Updates consist of

  • Clarification / exactness questions
  • Errors and discrepancies corrections
  • Changes

This gathering of updates has 2 main advantages:

  • Define a list of all changes needed in the document (directly or through versioning)
  • Waiting for official update, teams still have an original document + a list of updates needed to keep going on the project.

Service provider point of view:

organize data and document workflow

Client point of view:

organize data and document workflow

Approval processes can be long but PLM ensures the safety of data and efficiency of the process. Lascom PLM assists all participants to better organize project life cycle, traceability, safety, follow-up and responsibilities.

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