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Configuration management in engineering projects – equipment & infrastructure

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  • December 18, 2014

Managing information solely through documentation has limitations. Information synthesis, queries, impacts analyses are not fully effective if only documents are used. A project repository is better optimized when equipment and infrastructure are also clearly identified. Situation and needs follow-up become easier.

Configuration management – including versioning – is a crucial part in document management. Users not only manage many documents all along projects, they also need to manage changes. Then managing data is as important as management documents.

Links are also key components to optimize document and data workflow. They are set up between equipment, documents, items, versions etc. to ease processes and reduce project delays. Links assist participants with:

  • Impacts analysis – technical and on documentation. A change in a document or in data will be automatically transferred to related files and approvers will be notified if requested.
  • Equipments comparison – through versioning for instance.
  • Document use through quick identification of documentation and equipment to use in specific situation – which version to choose in which case.
  • Change perception by better understanding change reasons and benefiting from an overall view of equipment and infrastructure versions
  • Changes follow-up – technical facts, installation approval or reviews-

To meet projects requirements, a configuration management module should be part of the repository to provide flexibility and safety for documents, data, equipment and infrastructure all along the projects.

Lascom software offers among other features:

  • A repository to benefit from a single version of the truth
  • Dedicated access rights for participants regarding their roles in projects
  • A robust workflow including data, document and links to efficiently manage engineering projects and avoid delays
  • A collaboration portal to better communicate with sub contractors and clients

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