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Why is innovation so important in engineering?

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  • January 6, 2015

Engineering has always been very innovative. Today, sustainable development, climate change, renewable energies, technical innovations, complex projects management are new trends to tackle.

Why is this sector innovation prone?

In construction and engineering, companies make surveys and manage projects, equipment and new products. The core function of engineering is to find solutions to make projects possible. These solutions are technical and financial; they concern method, organization and management. Standard solutions cannot always be used in any project. Some solutions have to be found for a specific purpose and specific project; this means innovation.

Innovation answers many objectives such as:

  • Gain in productivity to improve margins and services competitiveness
  • Insure teams collaboration around innovative projects
  • Improve brand image to position as an innovative company
  • Offer new services to gain market share and benefit from competitive advantages

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