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PLM for electric networks

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  • January 28, 2015

As a picture is worth a thousand words, let us take the example of a network operator. It designs, uses and maintins an electric network. Construction is managed either by the operator itself or by a sub-constractor. Being able to precisely follow data and document workflow, processes involved and changes is key as well as the ability to improve plans, quality and consistency. These are decisive for effective project management.

This network operator chooses to implement PLM software to better manage network construction and maintainance. Their PLM suite also allows them to:

  • Centralize plans workflows on a single platform
  • Track data and documents exchanges between participants
  • Share needed information with external collaborators
  • Ensure quality

Benefits after a few months :

  • Plans quality and consistency improvement
  • Process automotion
  • Action traceability (on-going files, plans, in-progress documentation etc.)
  • Sub-contractors follow-up

Managing this kind of projects, teams must remain aware of many practical points:

  • There are many different user profiles. The application can be customized to allow each user to benefit from an easy and role-focused platform.
  • Many companies implemented CAD software to gain in efficiency. PLM must be compatible with it to become even more effective.
  • Manual and auto approval are involved in electric network. To improve quality and reduce time to market, PLM software must be flexible enough to integrate both approval processes
  • Reporting and dashboards are useful tools to assist management teams in organization and prioritization. PLM suite provides project advancement information, plans quality evaluation, costs comparision etc.

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