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Engineering: new challenges, new skills

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  • February 8, 2015

According to recent European and US surveys, 3 main strategic goals are displayed for PLM in the engineering sectors for 2015:

  • Rules and quality compliance
  • Products and services improvement
  • Business and marketing strategy

Consequently, engineering staff also have to evolve to gain new skills such as:

  • Risks and management skills; new role in business are risks controllers and QHSE manager
  • Business centered skills; new roles such as export sales engineer and B2B supplier should be considered
  • Very specified and technical skills; home-automation engineer, biotech engineer, 6-sigma expert are new roles assuming greater significance.

Many people already work in the field, with this new roles addition, even more participants will evolve on projects. Collaboration and efficient document management and workflow are needed.

Lascom AEC provides to engineering teams a PLM suite assisting them in:

  • Better manage documents and data by gathering them in a single repository. This “single version of the truth” is then easily and safely accessible from anyone through a customized interface regarding business roles.
  • Facilitating collaboration between teams (either locally and globally)
  • Providing reporting tools to benefit from a view of on-going projects, due dates and advancements.

To learn more about Lascom solutions, click here.

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