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Reporting tools: decision makers’ new El Dorado

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  • March 30, 2015

Reporting tools are extremely important to display projects progress. By gathering information, data provides more visibility. Decision makers are able to prioritize projects with knowledge of full facts. Access right can be customized and give participant a global view of projects.

Another aim of reporting tools is to trace and version project stages. Tasks are assigned, documents are approved, workflows facilitate information exchange and collaboration between participants. Every action needs to be identified, traced and stored into the repository to provide a “single version of the truth” for the people involved. Reporting tools use this information to display charts and graphs customizable for each projects or group of projects to assist manager in decision making process.

Reporting tools provide a strategic view to managers. Managers can use these tools to prove a overview of project progress, need for more budgets, more time or prioritization.

Lascom assists engineering companies to better manage their projects. Through the platform, participants benefit from:

  • A unique repository for gathering data, documents and project information. This creates a “single version of the truth” where reusability and traceability are key. At the end of a project, all documentation and required file are stored in the repository and are easily searchable.
  • Customized access rights to enhance collaboration between external and internal participants. Clients or subcontractors can have a dedicated access to chosen information to display progress and input documentation
  • Facilitated searches through links between document, files, data and certifications in case of audit.

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