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Security issues in infrastructure projects

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  • May 8, 2015

Security issues in infrastructure projects

In large infrastructure projects, many participants interact around different issues at various stages of the project. Parties include general contractor, contracting authority, study officers, architects, construction companies etc.

The more participants that take part in the project, the more complex document and data workflows are. Accessibility to information and communication about sensitive data throughout a project are crucial issues. Data security has to seriously be taken into account while implementing a solution to improve collaboration in a project.

In large infrastructure or engineering projects, 2 issues appear:

  • How to manage access rights regarding information, business
    roles and responsibilities in the project?
  • How to still collaborate efficiently without slowing
    the entire project?

Lascom PLM offers 2 confidentiality levels to ensure information security:

  • Access rights regarding users while logged in
  • Information safety customizable per document

These 2 safety features facilitate accurate access rights management. Companies, people, benefit from information and access rights
regarding their business roles, project phases or batch advancement all along projects.

Using Lascom AEC, the contracting authority directly manages access rights from a central platform. The software also assists
managers in decision processes providing a global view of the activity through effective reporting tools. Bottlenecks and batch priority are smoothly managed while access rights evolve in consideration.

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