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A PLM solution to better manage Grand Paris transportation project

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  • June 16, 2015

PLM and Grand Paris project

The “Grand Paris Express” is part of the “Grand Paris” project announced in 2007, under then Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency. As many people use public transportation everyday in the Ile-de-France area (4630 mi2 including Paris and close suburbs), it is important to provide effective connectivity between suburban districts, suburbs and the city centre.
The project involves construction of 4 new automatic metro lines and expansion of 4 existing ones. The network is projected to have a daily ridership of 2 billion passengers by 2026. Up to 20,000 direct jobs are expected to be created each year during the project’s implementation phase.
Societe du Grand Paris (SGP) is the overall project owner and contracting authority. The estimated budget for the project is $28 billion. As contracting authority, Grand Paris Group is in charge of designing and maintaining the new transportation network – in particular infrastructure and rails construction for the entire project. The project will be financed 30% by the French Government via SGP and 70% by the local authorities through earmarked taxes, subsidies and loans.

What for?

– Transportation: Linking residential areas, airports, major competitiveness hubs and business areas.
– Urban planning: Breaking down the border between Paris and its suburbs to solve issues such as suburban crises, environmental concerns and energy. It will considerably reduce social and territorial inequalities that currently exist.

Project Management

SGP selected Lascom PLM to efficiently deal with workflow, data and documentation management. As the project involves many participants, the solution had to be flexible and reliable to allow users to accesses the information they need.

As required, Lascom PLM:
– Provides a collaborative space for all participants. This repository stores all data, documents and product information to benefit from a “single version of the truth” and avoid information loss, duplication or mismatch.
– Ensure workflow and approval process for all documentation.
– Offer features to track, version and record documents
– Provide reporting tools to have an overview of the whole projects and be able to react to bottlenecks or slow downs.
– Provide a user friendly interface to to both occasional and daily users that may be on may scattered projects.

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