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Maximize building and real estate projects

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  • October 4, 2015

A successful building project is on time and meets all the expected requirements and standards. Information management is challenging; for instance collaboration with scores of sub contractors is difficult, gathering huge amount of data is also complex and validation processes can be very long.

Maximize building and real estate projects

How can PLM software help project managers in their tasks?

  • First, all the information (data, documents, trade …) is centrally managed. This avoids wasting time and energy looking for information related to a project. Access to data is easier; for example, all users can see the plans and annotations through independent CAD software viewers. This repository is accessible all along the project which prevents any information or time loss when transferring data from one stage to another.
  • The software ensures the functional requirements and project deliverables match. Thus, fees for late deliveries and last minute changes are avoided.
  • Documents and plans creation is made easier by synchronizing information from the repository.
  • Administrative tasks are automated to better manage bottlenecks.
  • Users use dashboards to quickly react if any delay or difficulty is noticed.

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