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HSE coordinator

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  • November 20, 2015

HSE coordinatorHealth, Safety and Environment coordination became mandatory to enhance safety on construction sites and public works. In construction and civil engineering, the HSE coordinator works with the project manager regarding safety and health issues.

It is important that HSE coordinators are involved in a new project from the pre-project phase. They implement safety and health criteria in the design, construction and maintenance stages to ensure workers protection.

The HSE coordinator’s role along the project

In the design phase, the HSE coordinator’s actions are mainly related to the overall organization analysis and to environmental risks. The HSE coordinator will also define a folder with documents explaining further intervention on the work field with the project manager and the contracting owner.

During the implementation stage, the HSE coordinator will ensure measure are in conformance with the predefined folder and adapt documents and decisions regarding the project advancement. At the end of the project, he or she must provide to the client and public authorities the exhaustive folder.

An efficient solution to better manage safety and health issues in engineering projects

The HSE coordinator uses a dedicated software solution to be efficient in various allocated tasks all along the project. Our Lascom AEC application for engineering projects gathers and effectively distributes data, documents and information. It is also very useful to track and version documents through a robust workflow.

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