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Coordinate various participants

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  • December 12, 2015

coordinate various participantOne of the main focuses of successful projects is to coordinate and collaborate effectively. In a project, participants are not only from internal teams, more and more participants are external, such as stakeholders, sub-contractors….

One of the challenges of this collaboration is that the roles involved in the project life cycle are varied. Each participant has a different role and therefore expectations and goals of their own. While it is important to have an overall vision of the project, each participant needs to focus on his or her own role.

To succeed, a collaborative platform is very helpful. Lascom PLM provides a “single version of the truth” through a repository where participants can exchange data, documents and information. It also allows participants to benefit from a dedicated access to the solution. Each access is customizable and user friendly to help participants focusing on their tasks. Pre-formatting can be set up to better define each role in a project.

coordinate various participant

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