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Impacts of new challenges and changes in project management

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  • February 24, 2016

impacts of new challenges and changes in projects managementPrevious article was about changes and new trends in project management. To better understand these changes, here are some practical operational impacts of these new trends:

  • Many projects are only one of a kind and so do not spread methodologies and best practices
  • Many projects include partnership and co-engineering. Profitability, responsibility and collaboration are key and must be strengthened
  • Multi-tasks, multi-sites steering, multi-projects, multi-languages, multi-cultural assignments… become common expressions in engineering
    projects. The ability to access projects with a business view as well as to access it with a global view is essential
  • The number of companies involved in a single project is higher. Cristal clear process standardization and data exchange traceability are very helpful to better manage the whole project effectively
  • More complex equipment requires a precise following up of their life cycle
  • Contractors increasingly use a milestone payment method. Consequently, project manager must learn to organize projects by parts and deliver results commitments with all requirements attached (data, documents, plans, advancement, invoices…) to have revenue on time
  • Project management methods must be flexible and adaptable from one project to another but also into a project itself.
  • Deliverables and data management must be designed by the engineering company for their entire life cycle to maximize the overall return on investment

Monitoring responsibilities, track communication, equipment integration, methods changes, project steering … are hard processes to set up without dedicated software. Lascom helps engineering companies to better collaborate and manage changes. Due to an effective software solution, projects are more likely to be delivered on time with exhaustive documentation.

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