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  • April 15, 2016

Our guest today is Jean-Roch Martin, Head of PLM projects for engineering and complex systems market segments. He will talk about one of the key positions he works with on a daily basis: Document Controller.

Document Controller is a key position in engineering projects. Unlike information officers or designers (documentary production), document controllers mainly organize documents workflow. This key staff is in charge of defining the documents coding and processes to exchange with subcontractors.

To carry out these tasks, conventional EDMS are not sufficient to address the document controller issues such as:
– The sub-contractor benefits from a contractual period of 14 days to send the plans back. Is this delay respected?
– A plan is sent with a wrong cartridge. How to be sure that a document is checked before being published?
– The project manager requires a summary of documents sent to public parties. How to synthesize it quickly?
– Official documents must be provided to the client at the end of a batch. How to secure the documents distribution outside the company?

On major engineering projects, thousands of documents are produced. Document controllers are key roles to better manage efficiency and thus productivity regarding documents workflow. Important roles need effective tools; a software solution considerably helps document controllers on their daily tasks, especially concerning:

– Technical aspects: a collaborative platform with defined access rights to manage documents from the HQ, various offices and worksites.
– Traceability: providing the correct version is crucial. On engineering projects, it is also important to be able to schedule and follow document due dates.
– Effective collaboration tools: management of slips distribution; files constitution and export.
– Distribution and validation flexible processes

Unlike conventional EDMS, PLM software addresses these different aspects. A true gain in productivity and traceability for document controllers!

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