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Organize collaboration in engineering projects

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  • June 13, 2016

The single repository is a strategic part of information systems while using PLM. It creates a “single version of the truth” by centralizing and structuring all projects and processes.

With a PLM, participants can directly access their assigned tasks so they can focus on performing their work instead of wasting time looking for the appropriate information or correct version of a document. The software suite also facilitates data and documents workflow between successive phases in an engineering project.

Solution is to go from:

  • A complex and barely efficient vision
    Participants have difficulties to access the right information at the right moment

complex and unefficient process


  • An organized vision
    Collaboration is better structured and workflows are fully traceable

organized vision

Once this new positioning is accepted by teams, participants have to follow workflow best practices and management methods to better implement the single repository and sort the best out.

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