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The difficulties of adopting a collaboration tool

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  • January 25, 2018
Subcontractors & Suppliers

In almost all construction and engineering projects, a platform for collaboration and project management cycle is set up. This provides key benefits to better perform projects and better manage workforce, but it can be hard to be adopted.

Let’s be clear, adopting out a collaborative tool is not instinctive. A software project does not end with the delivery and an easy implementation of a turnkey and hosted application such as Lascom AEC. Installing a platform doesn’t mean that users will properly use the platform and begin to collaborate through it.

Project boundaries have changed

Platform should consider both internal staff and external stakeholders and partners. Project management tools perimeter is no longer fixed on those of the company but must adapt to the project, subcontractors and suppliers.

Users behavior regarding new work methods changes

To ensure the solution adoption, it should be seen first as a functional business and service users solution and not as an IT software. In many cases if users are not supported in changing their work methods, they will find alternative solutions to communicate which are not traceable (e.g. emails). For the tool to be accepted and used users must find in the software a concrete interest in their daily work.

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