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The importance of change management

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  • February 6, 2018
change management

For many people, efficient project management is about filling a central repository with data and documents. This is a first step, but change management is also important.

In industrial engineering and construction, everything is about “change” and evolution innovation, development, modification etc. A data repository is a single version of the truth at a specific time but not at all time! The key is less about what is the information at a specific time than how it evolves.

Effective management of change involves having a vision of all data

To efficiently manage data all along their life cycle, links between data have to be tackled. Links are the various change processes attached to data such as modification, approval, participants, impacts etc. Links are particularly important if you think about products, data and document as a whole. A change on a document impacts lots of data and links are precious information to consider when managing change.
Unfortunately standard EDMS manages data but are not set up to manage changes, evolutions or links.

Processes are key tools to manage changes

Change management involves a large number of data, links and users. Dealing with changes is essential in project management but it is complex. Effective tool such as PLM are often used by internal teams to better manage change.
Processes play a key role in change management. Processes make changes in critical activities and tracking related issues easier. Users are focused on dedicated tasks and collaborate efficiently for each project.

To effectively manage changes, think project! provides solutions including:

  • A central data repository; it gathers all data, documents and product information
  • Robust configuration management; it links elements together and provides a vision for each specific data
  • Effective Change management; its supports data changes and track versions
  • A reporting tool; it provides an overview of the process and its changes to ease decision making

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