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Business process mapping

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  • February 19, 2018
Business process mapping

To improve business processes, it is important to have a global overview. Create a map of processes helps to identify, understand and manage interrelated processes as a system. It contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole organization to reach its objectives. Business process mapping helps companies to obtain a shared vision of business processes and to optimize them.

Type of processes

There are three types of processes with specific interests:

  • operational processes that directly deliver added value
  • support processes that provide items for operational processes
  • management processes that help orchestrate all

Right way of modeling

Modeling should remain simple in order to be understood by most users. In all cases, mapping is only part of reality and business complexity cannot be illustrated in only one graph. It is therefore useless to try to represent the process down to the smallest detail, it will be unreadable. Once key processes are identified, they must be carefully mapped. The mapping won’t be the same if it is made to implement a PLM software or merely present business organisation to new members.

Official and informal processes have to be considered. Avoiding being buried by details doesn’t mean avoiding being exhaustive and accurate. Moreover, it should not just include processes but also take into account the informal workings if we want to optimize the operation of the company. Avoiding overload does not mean avoiding completeness!

In summary, it is better having an exhaustive overview of a comprehensive process, rather than a detailed view of a process.

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