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Documentation review: serial or parallel approval

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  • February 27, 2018
document review approval

In most companies, document review cycles are in series. Usually it is through informal emails or internal mails with no formal or traceable process or tool support.

For instance, Bob, the document author send it to his colleague John for review. Then, he sends it to Mrs. Smith, Bob’s manager has to approve it as well as Mr. Drew, head of the quality control department. . Each reviewer modifies the file name in a crude way to track the versions. At the end, the document name looks like [Client] – Specification XXX-v8_Bob_John_Smith_Drew.

Working in series has some two main drawbacks

First, if the process is well organized, it considerably extends approval cycles because each approval participant cannot comments on the documents before the previous one. Second, the process depends on the effectiveness of people involved in the document progression.
The process is not always well organized and sometimes all participants are reviewing the document at the same time. They may make contradictory comments, not take into account others’ comments, etc. This creates huge difficulties for effectively merging the different reviews.

The solution for documentation review

An effective PLM software helps participants and documents author to better manage the review and approval process. Parallel reviews and merging comments on final document become easier. think project!’s solution allows users to comment on documents using layers on the document. Having an overview of comments is possible by superimposing layers. Each participant simultaneously access to the comments made ​​by other participants
in real-time. A manager can track the review and manage the comment bu either taking them into account or deleting them.

This method allows all participants to work in parallel, while ensuring traceability of all comments and markups. Please follow the link to learn more about our subcontractors & supplier collaboration platform.


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