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How to easily manage deliverables?

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  • March 7, 2018
Efficient achievement of deliverables

Managing deliverables effectively is essential in construction and engineering projects. Providing deliverables ends parts of the project and is often linked to payments. Consequently, effective project management requires clear monitoring of deliverables. Each deliverable is attached to a dedicated file which, all gathered, provide a Final Deliverables List (FDL) which is a record of executed items.

Therefore, it is important to recover and provide all project documents in a structured manner. If the company cannot deliver the FDL at the end of the project, revenue will be impacted.

Managing deliverables is a tough challenge

Providing the FDL is challenging for most companies. They have frequent difficulties such as:

  • On time document delivery
  • Absence of certificates and incomplete records
  • Out of date plans
  • Wrong graphic chart

With these problems, the end of the project can turn into a documents hunting exercise with the risk of the expected schedule running late.

Solutions to better manage deliverables

The best way to avoid most of these difficulties is to manage deliverables through the subcontractors & suppliers collaboration platform. For instance, some software allows managing FDL templates. Thus teams can duplicate them to initialize batch FDL.

Documents import into the file can be performed manually if it is a small project or automatically for larger ones. Its tree-organization is then automatically updated and a configuration state can be created on D day to freeze a delivery and ensure its traceability. think project!  publishes a file which includes all documents while preserving the folder structure. It is thus possible to browse, even offline, between different elements of the file, and view the plans.

Records generated may be huge. So easy browsing of exported documents is a real advantage available in Lascom solutions.

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