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How to speed up documentary production in construction projects?

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  • March 30, 2018
Document Production in Construction Project: More Efficiency

The process of speeding up production and collaboration about documents is a central issue in engineering project. In fact, it is true whether it is about plans, office documents or reports. We must be pragmatic in order to efficiently solve this problem.


Optimisation of documentary production in construction projects:

The first step to produce faster is to have all the information and centralized documents in a project repository. It will facilitate access to them and their use for production, collaboration and document evolution. The second step will transform projects repository into a tool that will serve productivity. This complementary step is about including functions that will facilitate production and work around documents in everyday life.

  • Have a customisable homepage and dedicated shortcuts to directly access work documents and facilitate searches
  • Easily create and edit desktop documents from validated models by automatically using data stored in the repository through connectors with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other office tools
  • Synchronize data and information between CAD software and the project repository effortlessly and without re-keying, so that new plans can be produced and updated more easily
  • Check and control documents thanks to graphic chart control tools, summary and comparison of plans and documents
  • Automatically edit and track schedules and reserve lists
  • Create reports and dashboards directly from the repository data with a mere click to get an overview of the status of documents, bottlenecks, etc.


Dedicated tool for documentary production in construction

Finally, it is possible to produce faster and more efficiently thanks to a range of tools that must be available in the project life cycle management software. It will facilitate actors’ daily work form the direction to the operational user. Centralizing, coordinating and organizing the information and documents of the project is the basis. However, it is also necessary to transform the daily work of users with operational functions.


Please follow the link to learn more about document processing and other productivity tools.

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