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Manage document workflow

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  • April 25, 2018
Manage document workflow: a solution to be more competitive

Manage document workflow: issues

Projects involve an increasing number of internal and external participants, resulting in more complex data. Engineering projects have a growing requirement for traceability, also increasing the amount of data to be managed. This is not only about documents anymore but also about life cycles, workflow, approval processes, changes etc. Managing documents has grown beyond the simple use of EDMS.

Considering these new uses, typical software solutions reached their limits. For instance standard EDMS is usually not able to efficiently manage automated documentation transfer, plans, on-time delivery or responsibilities in case of an accident. As these issues are essential in an engineering project, companies must find better ways for participants to collaborate and organize information. It will enable them to be more competitive by performing their projects more efficiently in a shorter amount of time than their rivals.


Document workflow: from fragmented application to a “single version of the truth”

Companies use many data and document repositories. Typically, each of the repositories is linked to a specific need, department or a project phase such as risk management, contract management, outline scoping or office equipment. It cannot be denied that fragmented data repositories make it difficult for all the project’s stakeholders to have a clear view of the project. Nonetheless, having a shared vision of the project by all the players involved is essential to successful project roll-out.

Consequently, it is important to convert a fragmented scenario such as this:

fragmented processes

Into a « single version of the truth »:

single version of the truth

Document workflow : a key strategy

Gathering all documents and data in a single repository provides a « single version of the truth » for both operational and strategic teams. As thinkproject france! (formerly Lascom AEC) incorporates tools that many will be familiar with such as Excel and Word, the transition to our solution is straight forward. It means keep going with usually routine for project teams by using a software acting as a spine.

thinkproject france! provides a PLM suite insuring data coherence and sharing without disturbing projects. Managers benefit from a centralized and global vision of the project and its advancement.

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