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Document is more than a single file

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  • May 9, 2018
Engineering projects: Document is more than a single file

Document is more than a single file: the importance of links

In many cases, linking documents is as important as the documents themselves. Appendix, references, or side documents such as plans are keys in engineering projects. It is useful while opening a document to be able to see attached files and benefit from an overall view.

Links play an important role when making a decision on a project. Equipment types, versions, document use can vary depending on each situation and links assist users in projects by reducing errors in the decision process. Links are also used in impact analysis. A change in a document will be automatically transferred to related files and approvers will be notified if requested.

Engineering projects: main issues with final deliverables

Efficiently manage deliverables in a structured manner is crucial in engineering projects. If deliverables are delayed or incomplete, fees will apply. Changes always happen all along the project, engineers must benefit from a safe and secure repository where versions and final plans are accessible.

Main issues with final deliverables list are:

  • Delivery due date
  • Lack of certification
  • Incomplete files
  • Out of date plans

Engineering projects: a solution to efficiently manage deliverables

To avoid complexity, deliverables can be managed through workflows. As the software suite is able to organize and optimize workflow considering final deliverable list type, documents and processes are safer and more efficient.

Documents imports are manually or automatically managed depending on the projects size or the project criticism. In case of an automate process, users define from the beginning where version are gathered and who will access them. For instance a Product Lifecycle Management software is able to send a link with final deliverable list to specific contacts when project is over. It automatically updates, track dates and approvers to ensure a perfect traceability all along the project.

think project! France PLM assists engineering companies in projects by providing solutions to:

  • Gather all documents in a repository and benefit from a “single version of the truth”
  • Better manage collaboration between participants
  • Optimize workflow and versions
  • Better organize projects and assist in on-time delivery
  • Provide reporting tools to have an overview of the whole projects and be ale to react to bottlenecks or slow downs

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