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Around the implementation processes in engineering projects

How to generalise implementation processes in engineering projects

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In engineering and construction projects, it cannot be denied that formal processes whether they are IT or not have several advantages. They allow frame exchanges as well as putting in place and following critical procedures. With hindsight, they encourage companies to formalise their business processes management. Thus it generally makes them more efficient and willing to share their good management practises.

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BIM PLM: How are they complementary?

BIM and PLM: a strong complementarity

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When we launched our offer combining BIM and PLM that was dedicated to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, we wrote an article to underline the complementarity between BIM and PLM. This article and more precisely the complementarity is still valid. In fact, the recurrent questions and exchanges that we have with many actors of the AEC are the best confirmation of it! More and more companies of this sector realise that BIM alone is not enough to ensure an efficient collaboration and management of the project.

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Engineering and risk mangement

Engineering and Risk Management

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The fields of engineering and construction have always been linked with risk assessment. Nonetheless, risk management is becoming more and more important for both success of projects and companies’ profitability. Indeed, due to technological innovations as well as the increasing complexity of equipment, the appearance of new standards and regulations to follow, the number of potential sources of risks is increasing.

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Configuration Management

Configuration management – How to drive data evolution efficiently

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To effectively manage products, systems and infrastructures, it is above all necessary to manage the evolution of data and products rather than having a static view of the data. In fact, the need of industrials is mainly related to managing the evolution of data and products and not having a static view of data. More precisely, in the construction sector everything is about “movement” and evolution: innovation, development, modification … A technical reference is not intended to be a virtual archive room! Finally, what matters is not the “photo of data” but their creation and evolution over time.

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Process and Workflow

Process vs Workflow: what is the difference

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Nowadays, terms related to Business Process Management (BPM), collaboration or data management are increasingly used. Thus, we are more likely to find approximations and conflations.

“Workflow” and “process” are a good illustration of this idea. For many people, these two terms have more or less the same meaning. However, it is important to distinguish them correctly.

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