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Asset Property Management and Public Infrastructure

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infrastructure lifecycle management

Public authorities often manage large public asset infrastructure. It constantly changes and involves projects such as renovation, construction or maintenance works.
Priority is to efficiently manage data increasing complexity. This complexity is mainly due to:

  • A growing volume of documentation, requirements and changes
  • Many people involved
  • Many regulations to consider
  • More related data – impacts are more important than ever in engineering projects and tracking information all along projects is key.

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Projects and products : “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a very well-known idiom. It is better to try every day to remain healthy than wait until you are sick to see the doctor. This idiom could be adapted to engineering. It is important to reduce risks that can cause errors as much as possible and not wait to fix an issue when it arises. Understanding causes and impacts is also crucial to avoid doing mistakes again and reduce time to market for projects or products.

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PLM evolves to better fit Engineering companies’s needs

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When productivity is not enough to drive companies margins anymore.

Challenges change, so does PLM. PLM evolves to overtake standard productivity, quality and collaboration challenges and provide a strategic vision to management teams. Projects must be seen as part of a portfolio to deeply enhance business margins and remain competitive on a tighter market. PLM offers a solution to better gather data from the whole company.

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PLM for electric networks

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As a picture is worth a thousand words, let us take the example of a network operator. It designs, uses and maintins an electric network. Construction is managed either by the operator itself or by a sub-constractor. Being able to precisely follow data and document workflow, processes involved and changes is key as well as the ability to improve plans, quality and consistency. These are decisive for effective project management.

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Construction economist

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In construction, money is what make the world goes around. Being able to assess how much a project costs and efficiently measure ROI are crucial points before signing a new contract. All along the project, it is also important to follow up advancement and budget.

Construction economists are part of building engineering such as architect or technical teams.

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